Thursday, January 29, 2009

To kick start something is most difficult

People always say to start something is easy, but to sustain/maintain it is difficult. We need alot of passion and hard work to sustain something. I do agree with it and I used to believe it. However, recently I realise its not alwys sustaining that is tough. To begin something is as much difficult as to maintain it. Be it a task, job or a relationship; not to mentione ending it :P

In order to sustain or to grow, one must start well. The begining is very crucial as it will lead to the sustainability of yourself, days to come. A very good example is the F1 race. Every driver try to get the pole position, hoping for a good start. The moment lights turn to accelerate. The grip, handling, horsepower..all together, it will determine you starting line up. If a driver starts last...well, the chances of wining the race becomes slim. Of course, unless you crash your car or long pit stop time, or engine blow off...if you starts well, it will ends well. So, its better to protect the pole position rather than to do the chasing.

I do not know how well I've started but I do know that I am not at the pole position yet. Being in the mid of life now, I think I got to re-examine my current position and to determine where I want to be for the future. Lets put everything to an end and re-start the race (if that is possible). Lets hope for a new begining every morning when sun rises....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY - Chor Yat (1st Day)

Heading back to Ipoh on 1st day of CNY. Early in the morning, departed at about 6.00am, when sky was still dark.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today is the last day of work before Chinese New Year. Next year will be Bulls year (cow). So, it should be a year with strengths and dedication. This year (still got 2 days to go) is Rats year and its nothing much to talk about, since it was a purposeless year for me.

Lots of things happen but nothing much achieved, just some life experience gained. As such, I think I've learned how to be a wiser man. Good or bad, we have to accept it in life. Thinking positively won't help to solve all your problems but at least will help you to feel more calm. Then only you can make rationale decision. Well, easy to say :P

I've been struggling to settle down with my career for the past 2 years but all I got, were still painful experiences. All I could have done, is to appreciate what I have and move on..but I didn't. I have not been consistent and lack of patient. End up..I am still struggling. I wanted to be like what Eason Chen sang in his song "Aren't You Glad": looking back, I think I've done alright.

After CNY, I will need to quickly secure a new job, hopefully in education or marketing field. Then, I will need to really beef up in my career life. As long as we are happy with what we are doing, nothing really matters. Most important is that you must know what you want. Sometime, a good career doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your family.

I always believe that we work because of the family. Not the other way round. Many people may say, we sacrifice family time NOW by spending more time on work, hoping that we will able to enjoy a better life in future. For me, future is so uncertain. You never know what will happen tomorrow, so what about future. Also, once you start to sacrifice your family, it will go on and on...cause it becomes a norm. Not until you finally lost something in life, you will never realise how crucial is your NOW, not the FUTURE.
Well, maybe this is my thought and that is why I am here today. Its difficult to achieve a balance in life. Yin & Yan can be easily identify but not everyone can understand and practice the yin & yan philosophy. Until we can do that, I believe we will reach the self-actualisation state... For now, may God bless us all and Happy Chinese New Year :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A "late majority" voice

It was a sudden move for me to sign up a blog for myself. Before this, I've been using multiply to post some view of life but it was not a consistant one. For now, I hope I can at least leave something on the Internet, something bout me, the surroundings and the things happening around. Intention is very simple, "you never know when you need it" here I am.

I've read lots of blogs and I enjoy doing so. I am so impress with some of you out there, whom able to tell us so much bout your life and experience. I hope I can do that too, although there could be nothing interesting at my end here. Maybe sometime, soon, in the future, there will be changes in ma life (this is what everybody is looking for).

Hope that this blog will also help me to keep in touch with all the "Choe" out there... Lets keep the mileage moving... (this is my little Kenari dashboard meters)