Thursday, April 25, 2013

How We Have Changed: The View on PRU13

When I was a kid, I always wonder why the adults like to read the newspaper and watch the news on TV. At that time, I just couldn't figure out what is so interesting in the news that make them to be so focus and not to miss the news everyday.

Even the time when I knew there is something called election, I don't really bother. I saw many banners and buntings around my neighborhood. Posters were everywhere with all sort of funny symbols. At that time, I really don't know and don't bother with all these. What I knew was, something important for the adults.

At that time, I even tried to look at the newspaper (not read) and all I saw was words, pictures, and advertisements. Nothing really interesting actually, except some nice pictures (sometime). Most of the time, I just saw some people standing at some places, pointing his/her finger on some location/item for some purpose. Then, there were always pictures of people walking while being followed by many others, shaking hands and speaking aggressively. I don't really know who they were, what they were doing, and what was the purpose.

After so many years, I find myself doing exactly what I saw the adults were doing back then. I read the newspaper everyday, not just to look at the pictures, comics or sports; but on our country news, business section and foreign news. I will turn on the TV at certain time, not for the dramas but prime time news.

I don't even know since when I have become like one of those adults I used to observe but I know that this is part of our life. At one point of time, we will be awaken to acknowledge our rights as a Malaysian, our rights to know about anything in our country, the need to understand our country economy, and the freedom we have to decide on our future. This is because we are MALAYSIAN.

Now I realize that why adults likes to read about the news. It is because we all care about our surroundings and our future. It is because we want to know what is happening around us so that we can make a better decision for the improvement of our future. Hence, the adults in the past solely rely on newspaper and TV/radio for any news. If our parents can make a good decision for us in the past based on limited channel of information, I belief we can now make a better decision than before with all the advancement of information communication technology.

I have never felt the excitement and the urgency of election before. Looks like the advancement of media has changed the way we live and act. This PRU13 is going to be an awesome experience to many of us as a Malaysian.

I bet the kids out there would be thinking what is going on now and why the adults are so excited, just like how we all used to be. So, let us make the right decision and leave a legacy to them so that when they grow up, the will know why the adults now are so excited.

Happy Voting on 5th May 2013, for Democracy and Peace!

Monday, April 22, 2013

A lecturer work life ...

Last week was an exam week. Everyone was very busy; students were tense, lecturers were assigned for invigilating and administration staffs has to make all kind of arrangement to make sure the exam is smooth.

This week, after the exam, the students were relief and go for holidays. However, the works continue for the lecturers. It is the marking seasons. This is part of the norm and the standard cycle of a lecturer's job.

Many may think that a lecturer just have to teach in the class, conduct tutorials and that's it! Actually, it is more than that. Just a brief introduction of a lecturer KRA:

1) before the semester starts, a lecturer has to prepare the syllabus for the approval by the head of school. In the syllabus, the lecturer has to plan for the topics to be taught in the entire semester based on the learning outcomes. These learning outcomes has to match with the subject objectives, which are mapped with the Programme Objectives. Sounds complicate?

The lecturer also need to determine the assessments for the subject, such as designing the coursework, quizzes, projects, tests etc for the subjects. Again, these assessments has to satisfy the learning outcomes too.

2) Then, the lecturer will have to prepare the teaching slides for all the topics. To make the class interesting, the slides got to be attractive, with multimedia being integrated. It also has to be comprehensive to covers the topic area well.

3) Lecturer will need to prepare tutorial questions for the students to attempt from week to week. This is to ensure the students are able to cope with the subjects. Any deviation of focus and problems of achieving the learning outcomes can be detected earlier, so that the lecturer can close the gap before it is too late (student failing the subject).

4) While conducting the classes every week, lecturer has to monitor the progress of the students, monitor the attendance, and nowadays, many private institution also ask the lecturer to monitor the outstanding tuition fees payment by the students.

5) before the semester ends, lecturers will need to support the institutional wide marketing activities for recruiting new students. They will have to help on the counseling and explain the courses to the potential candidates and their parents.

6) during exam, lecturers will have to invigilating for exam. After exam, they will have to mark the exam papers and provide reports on the results.

7) from time to time, lecturers will be required to involves in research projects, attend seminar, conferences, trainings and others. Not to mention, the continuous counseling to the existing students who face problems with their studies.

The above may sounds like just another job in other industry, but the contribution of these tasks can be more than just a job that helps an institution to operate. It is a job that will affects the society in the future, because this job is about education.

However, how many of the lecturers now see it as a meaningful job? Many may just think that it is just another job that they can earn for a living, a glamour job with the title of a lecturer, and even a chance to talk while other has to listen, listen and listen!

Here, I would like to reinforce that, a lecturer job is not just to complete the above mentioned tasks for a subject but to cultivate critical thinking and develop the inquiry/learning skills of a students so that they can be a knowledgeable person who can contribute to the society. One hand can't clap, so it every parties need to work together for the real learning to take place. We cannot expect the students to know everything if the lecturer do not prepare and do the job well, and vice versa.

Recently, I over heard someone, who is a lecturer carrying the title of Dr, keep cursing the student 'idiot" while marking the exam answer scripts. I can understand the stress of work with tight deadlines, but why to the extend of cursing the students? As a lecturer to the students, this lecturer should be blame for unable to teach the students the properly, until the extend that this student can't meet the requirement of the subject. Also, there could be many other reasons to the poor answer given, but a student is not an idiot. They are learners!

Feel sad of what happened. I hope this only happens to this person and not other lecturers out there....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another EPL Turnaround

We have just witnessed another awesome turnaround game in the English Premier League this season, Tontenham Hotspurs versus Manchester City. Despite of an early goal by Nasri (Manchester City), Tontenham managed to maintain good possession throughout the game. It was a very fast action game with both side trying very hard to grab 3 points from this game.

With dedication and great hope of getting into Europe games next season, Tontenham keep fighting, lots of counter attacks and fast running players. Finally, in the late second half of the game, Tontenham starts scoring, not one but three consecutive goals in just a few minutes gap.

A total blow to Manchester City...losing the hope of challenging Manchester United to retain the champion title. City have done it before in last season on getting back into the game in last minutes and win the game to become the champion, but their luck is running out this time.

With due respect, Tontenham shown great skills and charisma as a real challenger on the EPL title next season. A thumb up for the White Lions!

What can we learn from this? Never give up!