Thursday, July 28, 2011

Research Area

Suddenly many ideas emerged since yesterday about what I can do for my academia research area. Maybe all these while I was too narrow minded and thought that only Action Learning is the area for my research, but I should focusing on some niche. Niche area where there are limited findings of the outcome from hybrid fields. Hence, hospitality could be an industry to study on, using existing concepts and theories which were normally used for Business and Management.

Possible research areas:

1. The role of marketing in Hospitality and Tourism (could be more specific in terms of Hotels, Travel Agencies)

2. The differences in marketing orientation: Manufacturing based organisation versus Service Based organisation - A comparison between the marketing practices in general.

3. The impact of internal marketing in hospitality industry. - the study on human capital management or talent management.

4. Problem solving in service industry: an action learning approach (this could be a training based research to cultivate action learning methodology in hotel operation management)

5. The role of intermediaries in hospitality - the advantages and disadvantages (the study should focus on the major differences of channel of distribution for an hotel/airlines as compared to physical product based business or company; what are the related intermediaries and their roles).

6. New media in hospitality: the use of social networking and e-marketing.

7. Other areas could be identify looking at the constraint of marketing textbooks for hospitality and tourism.

That's all for now and these should be enough for time being. There will be lots of work to do if all these topic to be materialise either as conference paper of to come out with journals.