Friday, March 23, 2012

A once in a life-time opportunity to meet SEVEN-time F1 World Champion!

A once in a life-time opportunity to meet SEVEN-time F1 World Champion

A surprising and once in a life-time opportunity to meet the seven-time F1 World Champion, Michael Schumacher, and his team mate Nico Rosberg at KLCC. Both of them arrived earlier that we have expected and there were already many fans and media/press waiting to capture the special moment. There were long queue, waiting for a chance to meet both Petronas Mercedes F1 drivers and gets their autograph. Their visits to KLCC has made the F1 Malaysia Grand Prix 2012 more exciting. Despite of the disappointment in their first race in Australia, they will not easily let the other drivers to get more points. For sure, both will be great challengers for the other teams.

As for this year F1 Malaysia race, I have never thought that I can be immerse in the event so much and got a once in a life-time opportunity meet both Petronas Mercedes F1 drivers in person (face to face), and got their autograph. Of course the utmost excitement came from meeting and getting Michael Schumacher's autograph. He is a legend to me since I started to learn and watch Formula 1; and this time, I can meet him in a close distance. He is really awesome!!!
Although it was a really short moment, perhaps a few seconds of getting his autograph up at the stage (just like pit-stop), it is already a excellent memorable moment. I just managed to say Hi Michael! and he said Hi to me, then passed me his autograph (with gold color signature). I guess being the first 7th person in the queue, it was quite stressful when you see the long waiting fans sending you a message like "move fast!".

So, how do I got this opportunity? Thanks to Petronas Mesra card whom organised an online F1 contest earlier this month. I managed to win the Grand Prize (10 winners) and one of the prize is to be the VIP for autographs signing session. This is not all, the Grand Prize winners also gets a limited edition painting (for 10 winners) by local artist and signed by both F1 drivers. It is a masterpiece. We even had a fun prize giving ceremony at the Apartment KLCC with refreshment served. En. Akbar Md Thayoob, the Senior General Manager from Petronas Dagangan presented the prize to all the winners. Thank you "Petronas Kad Mesra". It was unforgettable moment.

Last but not least, all the winners also got to attend the Twin Tower Live Concert 2012 on 23/3/2012 (Friday) at KLCC; where we will be seeing Korea Group "Girls Generation" (a.k.a SNSD) performing for the first time in Malaysia, and performance by Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Doll & X-Factor judge. I just can't wait for the concert. Until then, I shall share again "something"!