Friday, December 11, 2015

Yif Magic is back

This year, Yif is back with a new season of short video on his street magic.

Watch here!

Believe it or not, this is so cool!

Friday, December 4, 2015

First Time Encounter Bone Fracture

Yesterday was a day that I will never forget. I fell in the bathroom room and landed on my elbow. Within a second, I thought it's just a fall that I can just stand up with no major injury but I was wrong. I couldn't push myself up because I couldn't feel my arm.
When I look at my left arm, I saw a bump at my elbow and I realise this is serious. My wife rushed in and checking on me. She was so shocked and panic.
Thanks to my elbow, head didn't knock on the floor as I was going down with high momentum. Immediately my wife sent me to Prince Court emergency ward for x-ray. The doctor put up a cast on my left arm to support my elbow and send me home.
The good news, no broken ligament or dislocation. Bad news, a piece of the bone at my elbow felt off and a fracture sighted. So now, I will have to visit to a micro surgery specialist, Dr. Palani tomorrow. Seems like his appointments were full every week - so many patients.
This is my bad luck but I think the consolation is that the fall didn't cause injury to my head or face. Now when reflecting on the fall, it is really an accident that nobody can tell what's coming next. It reminds me of the movie "Final Destination".

Updated: 5th December 2015
Visited Dr. Palani at his hand clinic in Gleneagles Hospital. According to the nurse, the clinic is closed on Saturday but due to my emergency case, they are open today. I am so glad.

After another X-ray, Dr. Palani advise me to put on a conservative cast for 4 weeks. After 2 weeks will have to return for check up. No surgery needed as the fractures seems able to recover if my hand posture remain in 90 degree. This will allow the muscle to push the fractures closer to my elbow to reconnect again.

With such incident, I think I am still very lucky for not suffering for more serious injury on my arm, leg and most important, my head. Anyhow, I have to cancel my holidays plan this December. It will be a stay at home for recovery Xmas this year... 

Updated: 21st December 2015
I went for another round of X-Ray and consulted the doctor again. Dr Palani said I have a good recovery and the fracture seems to be healing. Even the broken piece of bone is now attached back on my elbow. So, no surgery needed! However, I still have to use the cast for another 3 weeks in order to strengthen the bone before I can begin physiotherapy. According to doctor, the physio later will be an aggressive therapy because the muscle could be hardening in this 90 degree arm position. I can sense the pain now, not from the bone but the pulling from the muscle. Got to start moving a little bit by bit before the unimaginable 'aggressive' physiotherapy.

Left (Before) and Right (Now)