Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hokkaido Special: Large Billed Crow "Kaa Kaa Kaa"

In my recent visit to Hokkaido, I was attracted to the large billed crow. They are everywhere at the park and  in the city. They are so large that it looks like a big black flying chicken with loud harsh caw.
Hear the crow calling "Kaa Kaa Kaa" yourself.....a harsh caw that reminds me of Genjutsu Sharingan!
In the anime, the Uchiha clan use genjutsu sharingan (写輪眼), a dojutsu kekkei genkai to enhance his perception and cast the demonic illusion known as Shackling Stakes technique. According to, this powerful genjutsu technique can make the opponent to be caught in the illusionary world created by the user, and the victim is tormented with the sensation of having spikes driven through their limbs, taking away their body's freedom. At the same time, the physical pain accompanying the illusion reveals that the greatest us this technique has is torture.
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Every moment in during my trip, I feel like immersing in the genjutsu spell like Naruto when I hear the KAA KAA KAA!!! Yataaaa やった!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Shiroi Koibito Park, Chocolate Factory (白い恋人パーク), Miyanosawa

Hokkaido, Japan - Day 3 (2/5/2016)
Chocolate Factory (白い恋人パーク), Miyanosawa

The Chococlate Factory is located in the Shiroi Koibito Park. This is a popular tourist destination, a must go place doesn't matter if you are following a tour or a free & easy trip. For us, we left Maruyama Park (T06 - Tozai Line)  to this Chocolate Factory at Miyanosawa (T01) by Subway. Once we reached the Miyanosawa station, there were very clear signage that guided us to the Chocolate Factory. It was about 10 minutes walk from the station (need to walk through an art institute).
Tozai Line, Subway
Just follow the sign to 白い恋人パーク
We walked through some quiet walkways, making us very curious but fun.
Once exit from the Art Institute building, turn to the right and the Chocolate Factory building can be sighted.
Entrance fee needed for the Chocolate Factory - 600 Yen per adult (200 Yen for children)
Information kit and one piece of the famous 白い恋人 Shiroi Koibito Cookies each 
白い恋人 Shiroi Koibito Cookies - taste good!
For the factory tour, just need to follow the foot steps...
A section of the factory self-tour allowed us to see how does the factory function.
Good to see you again, ASTRO BOY!!! I am taller than you now!
There is also a Toy Museum at the end of the Factory Tour.
How can I not take a picture of this...Manchester United Glory!
After the tour, it was then a break time for shopping and desserts. We decided to try out the 白い恋人 (Shiroi Koibito) ice cream - 300 Yen per cup.

That's it for the fun here at the Shiroi Koibito Park. Next stop, Sapporo Beer Museum!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Sapporo Hokkaido, Japan - Day 3 (2/5/2016): Maruyama Park 円山公園

Maruyama Park
The first thing in the morning after breakfast is to go to Maruyama Park. From our hotel, we walked to the Odori Station and took the Tozai Line 'West' to Maruyama Koen Station. We followed the exit 1 towards Maruyama Zoo & Park.

We became more excited when we reached the Maruyama Park Station. Since we didn't know what is the meaning of Golden Week here in Japan, we didn't expect to see so many people in the subway. Many of them were carrying a lots of picnic stuffs. We just follow the crowd heading towards the exit in a walkway with lots of animal sign.
The moment we exited the station, we saw many cars queuing to enter the Maruyama Park.

Entering the amazing Maruyama Park. I hope I can come back again to visit the zoo!
The moment we enter the park, we were like 'wow'! The park was filled with people gathering around for picnic and taking pictures of the sakura flowers. On the day, it was announced by the Japanese official as the full blossom. We were so lucky to be there to experience our first spring and cherry blossom - amazing!
We were blessed with good weather - a sunny day!
This place is so relaxing - feel like going back there again and again!
While enjoying the flowers, there is a mini-Suzuki van selling coffee to visitors
We then walked further in to visit the Hokkaido Shrine, a holy place for the Japanese to worship the ancestor. It is a very calm and nice Shrine.

Before entering the Shrine, we are supposed to purify ourselves with the water at the purification fountain.

On our way out of the Maruyama Park, we tried out some food at the stores along the walkway connecting the Hokkaido Shrine with the park.
Wrapping of vegetables with egg and dried bonito flakes on top, added BBQ sauce and Mayonnaise - for 500 Yen
There is a dining area where beverages are available. However we choose to dine like this...

We left the park in the afternoon for the Sapporo Chocolate Museum at Miyanosawa.

By the way, we were traveling with the subway using the free One-Day pass when we bought the Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sapporo City Tour - Day 2 (1/5/2016) Part 3

We left Otaru around 5.00PM and got back to Sapporo city. Since it is still early for dinner, wanted to pay a visit to all the tourist spot in the city as per suggested by the tourist map.

Actually, it is easy to walk around all these places because they are all nearby to each other.

First, we went to the Old Hokkaido Government building. Seems like this is a must go place for city tour. Nothing much here but to see the building and take some pictures.

There is a nice garden outside the Government building. We saw a Hong Kong couple having their wedding photo session there are the garden.

After that, we walked towards the North-West direction to locate the next tourist spot: the Sapporo Clock Tower

 It is a very nice wooden building and a famous tourist attraction in Sapporo. To enter, you will have to pay the entrance fee of 200 Yen for adult and 180 Yen for children. Sadly it was closed when we reached there.

From the Clock Tower, it is just a few steps away to Odori Park. We have visited Odori Park the night before but we wanted to see the park during day time. Sunset is at 6.30PM and we managed to catch some sunlight when taking picture of the park and TV Tower.

We enjoyed watching the sunset at the Odori Park before headed to Susukino.
Susukino is the most happening place in Sapporo city. This place is packed with retail stores and malls, restaurants, karaoke, pachinko parlors, and red light area. Susukino is one stop away from Odori Park subway station and for us, it is just walking distance from our hotel (Dormy Inn).
 After hangout for awhile and had our dinner there, we took a walk back to Tanukikoji and pick up some snacks on our way back to the hotel.

Not to miss out the popular arcade centres in Japan, we visited some and saw some real players just like those video clips people shared on Youtube.
 Want to try some luck for Star Wars goodies???
Mission Impossible....No luck!
No need to feel disappointed because Dormy Inn Hotel provides free Ramen every night from 9.30PM until 11.00PM. We went back to try the Ramen. Taste good!
 We also bought some snacks back to the hotel. For me, I always want to try out the local chips when I travel. For this night, I got for myself the Calbee Chips - cannot read the description but from the picture, it should be Tako BBQ flavour with extra dried bonito flakes :P
We also tried the fried breaded sausage from 7-Eleven for 160 Yen
And...a must have to go with the tasty snacks! Sapporo beer for 200 Yen for Classic and 160 Yen for the Gold with Extra Malt.
That's the end of DAY 2....all shops were closed and time to go to bed.

Next: Maruyama Park and Hokkaido Shrine for Sakura Blossom

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