Saturday, October 14, 2017

Visit Akihabara: Anime and Manga fans Favorite Destination (Tokyo, Japan)

What to do in Tokyo? Well, if you are a fan of anime or manga, Akihabara is must go place. It is a district in the Chiyoda ward of central Tokyo. Akihabara also known as the 'Electric Town' for its famous history of selling cheap electronic gadgets and accessories. Now, it is well known for the stores collector's toys, merchandising, videos, games, and more...
Mega Don Quijote is here too! Check out my review for this discount store >Here<
Two of the main highlight of Akiba is the Gundam Cafe (must come early for the queue and product availability) and the SEGA arcade game centre.
By the way, I was lured to this little shop by the smell of their cheese tart. Pablo, a famous Japanese cheese tart chain.
Although Pablo is available in Malaysia too but I think having this mini cheese tart in the origin country taste better (perhaps...).

Friday, September 15, 2017

All Nippon Airways (ANA) from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo

 I always thought that flying to Japan can be very costly and the better option would be to travel with budget airlines. This time, I prove it wrong because for my recent trip to Tokyo in mid-August 2017, I have chosen All Nippon Airways (ANA) instead of budget airlines. The return tickets cost RM1,596 as compared to other airlines (including budget airlines) ranging from RM1,900 - RM2,400 for economy seat.
ANA allows up to two free baggage check-in per passenger with maximum weight of 23KG each. This is more than enough for a week trip, including shopping for lots of stuffs to bring home. Other than that, the seats are comfortable, spacious, and in-flight entertainment. 
There is no shade on the window. It turn dim automatically.
The meal was okay (depending on individual taste and preferences) but the beverage menu is awesome.
Will I want to fly with ANA again? The answer is definitely yes. By the way, for some of their route, there is this Star Wars-themed aircraft!