Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Warners Bro Studio: The Making of Harry Potter

Recently, I have heard from some of my relatives and friends are planning to visit the Harry Potter studio in United Kingdom. Since I have been there last year during winter, I thought it would be useful, just to share some tips on how to get there.
First of all, you need to pre-book your entrance ticket from the website (www.wbstudiotour.co.uk). You need to decide the date and time for entering the studio when you book the ticket. Upon full payment, they will send the booking confirmation to your email. You will need to print it out and redeem your entrance tickets upon arrival at the main entrance.
You have to redeem these tickets are the entrance when you arrive at the studio.
When you are purchasing for the tickets, there are few options for you. You can buy only the entrance ticket which cost GBP30 per adult (GBP22.50 per child) or a complete studio package with a digital guide and a paperback souvenir guide which cost GBP39.95 per adult. Yes, I got the complete studio package for myself, which I am glad to get the paperback sourvenir guide but not the digital guide. I find that the digital guide is redundant as every section in the studio, there are descriptions for you to read and some with interactive videos.
Basically, the digital guide is an iPod attached to a headset and a lanyard. I personally find it not so user-friendly.
To go there, you can take the Victoria Line (Underground) until Euston. From there, follow the Rail (red color two arrow symbol) and look for the Rail station; which is connected to the Euston tube station. When you reach the Euston rail station, look for the correct platform to board the train to Watford Junction. You can use your Oyster card for the train. The journey to Watford Junction is about 20 minutes.
Its a comfortable 20 minutes journey travelling in the rail. Enjoy the scenery while heading to Watford.
Once you reach the Watford Junction station, head to the bus terminal next to the rail station main exit (on your left). You can wait for the Harry Potter shutter bus there. 

You will never miss this bus because it is in black and with Harry Potter stickers. If you buy returns bus ticket, you only pay £2.00. Single trip cost you £1.50. The shutter bus journey is just about 10-15 minutes, so plan your time wisely. 
The bus stop at Harry Potter Studio
Once you reach the studio, Use the confirmation print out and exchange for entrance tickets at the tickets counter next to the main entrance. 

Once you are ready, get into the studio and starts your magical moment with Harry Potter!
At the main hall when you entered, you can collect the digital guide next to the information counter.
While you are there, don't miss out the chance to taste the famous Butterbeer. I find it tasty but no everyone likes it...you try it yourself okay.

Oh, you may want to bring a jacket there if you want to go there during winter. There is an outdoor section which you can be freezing...

Some other sneak preview for you:
All the staffs will welcome you!!!
Shop like Harry Potter at Diagon Alley
Its magic!!!
The Hogwarts, awesome architecture
Yes, the Sorcerer from Malaysia.
There are many more....but I better don't post any more. You should go see it yourself.
Seeing is believing!!!
Once you are done, which they estimated around 3 hours for the tour, you can take the bus again and go back to Watford Junction for the rail. 

Good bye Hogwarts!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Light of Health

This year Chinese New Year is not going to be any different that in the past. We will always follow the customs and practices that has been taught by our older generations. On the Chinese New Year eve, family will gather for reunion dinner and at night, prayers for the brand new year.

All these while, when it comes to CNY, many will ask for better wealth and prosperity. That's why we always wishes other 'Gong Xi Fatt Cai'. However, I realise that weath and prosperity means nothing if one does not have good health. Hence, I only wish for the best of health for many years to come.

Happy Chinese New Horse Year! Wishing everyone best of Health and Happy always :D