Friday, November 29, 2013

UNIQLO Berjaya Times Square

Today is the 12th outlet opening for UNIQLO in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square (1st Floor). UNIQLO is a casual clothing brand in manufacturing and retailing originated from Japan.
The brand Uniqlo, which owned by Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. expanded to Malaysia in November 2010 and has been growing in fast pace, opening new outlets in various shopping malls in major cities like Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang. I wonder where else they will be opening another new outlet soon...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

London 2010 Day 2: Exploring London

Day 2: 15th December 2010
My first breakfast in London, served with Old Town 3-in-1 White coffee (always bring coffee together)!
After breakfast, we went to explore our neighbourhood at Horseferry.
For the first day, it was supposed to be free-and-easy, relax ourself and get used to the surrounding...we went to check out the Burberry factory outlet at Chatham Place. Not knowing how the public transport work yet, we took the challenge and took the Tube there.
We managed to locate the outlet and it was really crowded with people. I am not a Burberry fan, so I bought nothing. They do not allow anyone to take picture, so nothing to share on that. After that, we walked around Chatham town, just a small town but kind of busy traffic...nothing much to explore.
Nothing much over there, we left the town and went to check out the shopping street in London's West End, Regent Street. This place really filled with Christmas feel, many people shopping for the Christmas.
Despite of a wet evening and crowded street, we still managed to spot some London's specialty!
Classic telephone booth, London style.
The famous London double decker bus and black cab.
What a way to encourage cycling!
Aha...spotted the unique landmark of Regent Street, The Apple Store!
Me checking out the gadgets...
Since that was just the first night in London, we decided not to shop at that time. We then walked to Chinatown for our dinner.
Something very popular in Chinatown: like this Mr Wu Hot Buffet, only GBP8.50 (around RM43) per person.
 We ended up in a Hong Kong restaurant, having our so called 'Big Fried (大炒)' Delicious food, good quality ingredient, but a very little small shop for dinning...
Limited space but still managed to keep it clean and nice!
That's enough of walking for first day free-and-easy in London. We went home after our dinner, knowing that we will be coming back to Chinatown during our stay.

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