Monday, May 14, 2012

A feeling of Joy and Sorrow within Minutes

The Beginning

Last night has given me much joy and sorrow in just a short time. At first, I was worry that I am not able to watch the finale of English Premier League Season 2011/2012. Anyhow, I managed to do so and decided to watch the game between Manchester City versus QPR. This would be the deciding game for both Manchester United and Manchester City to become the champion for this season. MU has to win in order to keep the hope alive and MC must win to secure the title (if MU does win), with goal differences as advantage.

The match started with one-sided game where we can only see MC playing at the QPR side, only left Hart waiting at MC goal post. Lots of attacking and QPR able to keep the ball away from the net. Very exciting first half to see how aggressive and committed QPR is playing the game with EPL standard. A very fast pace game with many chances created by MC, especially from Nasri (another star to watch for in the next season). Despite of the fantastic defense, MC managed to score a goal in the first half. This is the beginning of sorrow feeling despite of Rooney scored on Sunderland in the first half. Looking at how MC was playing, the hope just vanished.

Second Half

The drama started when the second half started. QPR strikes back and managed to equalize.
Brilliant strike by Cisse, but later was substituted by the manager (no idea why). MC started to be more aggressive after the counter attack. That was the second attempt by QPR and it managed to turn into a goal. No one could believe that QPR could score against Manchester City in an intense game like this. No matter how you look at it, the possession and the shot attempts were all sided on Manchester City.

Later, another goal scored by Jamie Mackie header and QPR was on the winning side! At that point of time, I can imagine Sir Ferguson is jumping around and holding the EPL Barclay's cup, with all the players celebrating title streak!!!!

But the match has not ended. Despite of the frustration from MC side, they kept trying. The fans started to feel nervous, some gone crazy, including Mancini. It is unbelievable. "Manchester United is going to win the title" - that was I guess many could have thought of, including Mancini, all the MC players and the fans.

The tempo started to change when Traore and Balotelli got into the game as substitutes. It was a trauma to many Dzeko and Aguero turned around the game and both striked the most remarkable goals in the history of football. From great joy of winning for Manchester United and all the fans, it was a sudden sorrow, the same feeling in the sixth minutes when the game started. This time, it is much more disappointment. I was totally shocked and couldn't believe that this is really happening. Joy and sorrow, all happens in just a short period of time, wa-lau!!!!!

The End

Today on local newspaper The Sun, it says "Incredible!" I totally agree with it. It was incredible. This marked the new era of sports where no one team could dominate the game anymore. Similar to Formula-One races where Williams team sealed a win at Spain, shown 5 different winners from 5 races since the beginning of this season.

Next season will be another exciting season to watch as there are more capable teams able to compete with the top 4 position in the league. We have seen how upcoming teams like Swansea defeat big names and able to see how clubs like Newcastle scoring awesome goals against Chelsea; threatening Arsenal position in the league table.

So, let us see how these two derby giants will start their new season later this year for the Charity Shield. Until then, good bye EPL 2011/2012.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Emerging Hero!

Do you still remember this? A once upon a time emerging hero from no where. Due to the chaotic world of alien penetration to Earth, a young boy became a pilot to the "Macross" fighter!

A collection from one of my display items :)
Does this sound familiar to some entrepreneur in the business world? When the market is complex, high uncertainty and chaotic, many needs to find the best way to sustain their business. Some trying to just survive. Yet, at the same time, entrepreneur emerged!

If this is significant, does that mean during good time there will be no entrepreneur? Is is a very subject question because we may categories these people whom are doing great during the good time as "Intrapreneur".

What is the different?

An Entrepreneur:
An entrepreneur is a person whom pursue opportunities without regard to resources currently under one's control.

An Intrapreneur:
An intrepreneur is an employee who takes personal responsibility for pushing an innovative idea through a large organisation.

Adopted from Kreitner (2009) "Principles of Management", 11th Edition, South-Western Cengage.

Thanks to the above definition, we can assume that an entrepreneur keeps exploring businesses, very proactive in taking risk and see the chaotic world as challenges in day to day life. Well, from a different point of view, it is the chaotic world that force a person to be in the state of pursuing opportunities without regard to resources which basically no control. Since you cannot control on your resources and the environment factors are turbulent, without any choices, on will have to go for the 'hard knocks'! Also, given such situation, many organisations may have to consolidate their resources which lead to retrenchment. With that, more people may want to be entrepreneur, not always by choice but to survive.

This justify the assumption on why during the bad times of economy, more innovation products or business would emerge, more 'heroes' would make an impact in our life forever.

Hence, from the other end, an intrapreneur would exist during a state environment, stable and comfortable. Meaning, you will feel happy to strive for your company knowing that the company is growing and is making good profits.

Do you think you are now in a chaotic world or a state environment?

Do you think you are in a position to be an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur?

Are you the emerging hero?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How I see an "Insurance"...

The General Perception

Last Sunday, I was having a casual chat with one of my buddy from secondary school. When I was sharing with him about my savings for retirement with an insurance company, he suddenly felt so upset and condemn the insurance he bought (and just got cancelled). Of course I am quite shocked and asked further to find out why, as I am also a client for the insurance company.

He told me that it is not worth at all the be bonded for so many years for the small returns and he quoted that he is paying for about RM50k per year. He paid for a couple of years and when he cancelled the policy, he only get back peanuts. He said to me, what they (the agent whom sold to him I guess) have promised him is not what he is getting. He suggest that it is much more better to put the money with Public Mutual and to buy properties, much greater appreciation in terms of value.

At this point of time, I did agreed with him that it is better to buy properties and other type of investment such as in funds, gold or even the share market. However, what was the main purpose at the time when we decided to sign up for an "Insurance" policy? The general perception of insurance have been twisted or perhaps, changed because many believes that it is much more difficult to sell an insurance than an investment product. Hence, agents or service providers would want the faster and easier way to approach and get the sales but telling people that it is a better way to start saving with an insurance company which gives better returns.

Majority of us would perceived the message like "Better return" & "Savings" to be the pulling force to sign up, knowing that it is an alternative to fixed deposits or another form of investment. Now, this is the beginning of confusion and/or deviated purposes.

The Purpose of Insurance

I always ask myself, what does insurance means and why we have to pay now for so many years later to enjoy the fruits of it. I started to realize that I should not be asking this question at all because insurance is something that we should not be looking forward to utilize it and to enjoy the fruits. It is suppose to be something that helps us to minimize our losses or provide the basic necessity when we have problem to fulfill our needs.

Here comes the question of "what is your needs and wants?" As many has defined needs as the necessity for us to survive and whats are the desire for us to achieve to that we can have a different lifestyle. If you perceive the insurance as a source of income or an investment that can change your lifestyle (be more luxury), then you are seeing the insurance as "wants". Nothing wrong about that but with such perception of insurance, we may end up paying more premiums (which is good) or not buying any of it (which you don't belief in it). In both scenario, it would end up to be disappointing because 1) you will always feel like paying a lot of money but can't see any immediate return, you will start to feel frustrated and may withdraw even before it reaches the end of the terms. 2) You may end up with more losses, more expenses and in financial difficulties if you fall sick with certain chronic illness (also maybe an accident that causes permanent disability).

Of course, many may think that the 2nd incident has the least chance to happen in life. I cannot say that this thinking is wrong neither because some people can really live up their entire life without such issue. But for me, I don't think I can be so lucky :)

From the above, we can see that the purpose of insurance has been deviated to a money making component in our life but in actual fact, it is not. Like I have mentioned earlier, it is suppose to be the opposite of maximizing profits, but to minimizes losses.

With sufficient insurance, you can get enough coverage and sustain your current lifestyle even when something happen that causes you not be able to generate income anymore (such as accidents, illness or retirement). Meanwhile, it is also acting as an income generator for your family if you are no longer in this world to earn for the family.

Get it right!

You may not agree with me but this is how I see the importance of having sufficient protection from the insurance. That is why people buy an insurance while playing blackjack in casino. It is not to win more money, but to "MINIMIZE LOSSES"!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III - The Samsung Way!

Finally, after the much talk-about, rumors and 'leak' photos, Samsung the Next Galaxy is here (Malaysia time - 2.00AM), the unpacked event was for Galaxy S III ( It is based on the success of the Galaxy S II which contributed significantly to Samsung global sales and making them the largest Smartphone producer today.

The point to note is the impact of consumer marketing approach used and an effective tactical move to penetrate the mass market with (by right) and very much niche market of smartphone. The company has significantly changed the platform of competition in smartphone market, which has been earlier dominated by Apple and HTC, not to forget the historical Windows phone like Dopod, HP, Palm, O2 and some others 'once upon a time' Nokia, Sony, & Motorola.

How did Samsung change the platform?

From the niche strategy of Apple, to the mass of Nokia, Samsung crafted their own path which lead to the indisputable No.1 in smartphone. They have combined the niche and the mass to formulate the hybrid of segments which are so resilient in consuming a phone, or perhaps a tablet, or maybe it is a 'Note'! Yes, it is the intelligent and prospector approach in taking such risk to offer various models (higher rate of introducing new model) as compared to the strategic competitors: Apple and HTC.

This has given the options for consumer to compare and find the best model to suit their needs and wants. As such, this has also transform into a threat to the competitors, not because they have more models for the consumers, but the delay of purchasing the competitors' products. Normally, consumer will have to go through 5 simple stages in purchasing decision. 1) Identifying the need; 2) searching for information; 3) Evaluate the products; 4) Purchase decision; and lastly 5) Post-purchase evaluation (Kotler & Amstrong, 2012). Samsung strategy is to mainly speculate stage (2), and (3) consumer purchase decision.

Changing Consumer Attitude!

The more models with similar specifications there are in the market, consumer tends to take longer time to evaluate the products, due to more information provided by the producers. If you realize, most models will have pros and cons in comparing to each other. That way, consumer will try to identify the 'Just-noticeable-differentiation' (JND) of each of the interested products. Consumer will then notice that many products from different brands in the market tends to have some form of weaknesses. Brand will also be associated with such weaknesses or vice versa (similar to strengths as it would reflects the uniqueness of a particular brand).

When Samsung provide so many models and each tends to show little differences in terms of specification, consumer would then identify the JND within the brand, and not towards other brands (because it is enough for a consumer to read and play with each models within the Galaxy family). Subsequently, consumer will unconsciously comparing the various Galaxy models and not with other brand.

Have You Been Influenced by Samsung?

You may not agree with me but the impact of Samsung strategy is very obvious. It has communicated to the mass that smartphone is not only for the niche. Now, Everyone can be 'Smart', as long as you are within Samsung "Galaxy". Welcome S III!