Monday, March 18, 2013

The Innovative Samsung Galaxy S4

We are very lucky to live in this century because we can witness the emerging of many innovation that changes our lifestyle. In the past, we have something called telephone, then mobile phone and now smartphone. No doubt it is still a phone, but the functionality of it has been evolving together with your lifestyle.

Wait, is it the innovation of technology evolves because of our changing lifestyle or our lifestyle evolves due to the advancement of technology. Manufacturers keep promoting their key features of the product or even positioning themselves as how good they are in understanding what we need and wants. Have you asked yourself, are these features on your smartphones really what you needed or wants? Or perhaps, the manufacturers are telling you, this is what you need and want?

With the launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 recently, we can see that the smartphone is now more smarter. They can perform multi-tasking more efficiently due to better processor and RAM. S4 is able to scroll the screen for you when you tilt the phone, without the need of your fingers. You can now take a photo using the back camera and at the same time, activate front camera so that both camera can take a photo at the same time on one photo. Also, the early review stating that the S4 is so smart that while you are watching a movie on then S4, the movie will be paused if you are not watching it and starred away from the screen.

Sounds great? Now ask many of us do need these features? How often you need to perform a task that can utilize the above features? Are these what we need in our daily life?

Personally, I think that we as a consumer is changing our lifestyle because the technology tells us to do so and not the other way round. What being claim but manufacturers may not be what we as a consumer really wanted to have, since many of us don't even question about why a phone need to have games.

Another question that I always like to find out the many apps did we downloaded for our smartphones and how frequent did we use these downloaded apps? We may have downloaded many but only a very few apps that we use it frequently...

As conclusion, do we need the smartphones or the smartphones needs us?