Sunday, October 26, 2014

Visits Busan Korea 2014 - Gamcheon Culture Village

While planning for our trip to Busan, we were recommended by to visit Gamcheon Culture Village, on of the top 10 destinations in Busan. The colourful buildings and beautiful scenery attracted us. Hence, it was then shortlisted in our itinerary for our 4D3N holidays in Busan.

To get there is very easy, as long as you can access to the subsway (which is very accessible in Busan). We took the Subway Line 1 from Seomyeon and get down at Toseong station.
We took the Exit #6 but be ready, there are always a long way up from the ready to walk!
Exit #6

After we came out from Exit #6, there was an intersection - crossroad that we got confused. Luckily, locals there are very helpful. Despite of barrier in communication, a lady guided her to the bus station. 

We need to turn to the right at the corner (facing the intersection) after coming out from Exit #6 and walk straight up the hill. In a short distance, there was a hospital on our right and the lady pointed us to the bus stop in front of the hospital. This is where we took a mini bus to our destination. We took the bus number 2 or 2.2 to head up to the hill. Be ready for some sharp cornering in a small little mini-bus but crowded with people. You may need to squeeze in and stand all the way up to the culture village.

I find the locals here are helpful. They look different from the Korean we saw in the town - maybe because they are villagers - live in a more simple life.
Walking up from Exit #6, hospital on the right - bus stop right in front.
Bus stop sign but we found that the information were not updated. Anyway, take the bus #2 or #2.2.
After an exciting ride for about 5 minutes, we reached the main entrance of the village. This is a huge village with many unique artwork to explore. Basically, you need to spend more time here if you want to see everything in the village. Most probably half-day visits here.
Gamcheon Culture Village main entrance. Get down from the bus here and wait for the bus to go back to the Subway station. This is the mini bus we took...
Follow the path and you shall explore the beauty of this cultural village - but we didn't have enough time to do so...
For us, we just want to view the sunset scenery here so we came about 5.00pm. Sadly, most of the stalls were closed - pros and cons T.T

So, our visits here was merely the surface of the village, walked around the main entrance and got to see some nice view from the top of a restaurant - we got asked to get down because they are closing....
Beautiful artwork everywhere in the village
Got to walk up and down the slopes. Must wear a good walking shoe!
The very few stalls that were still opened at the time we reached but within few minutes, they were all preparing to close for the day...
The first main attraction when we entered the village...big fish!
We were lucky to spot this place, at the top of a restaurant - one of the place that was high enough to let us take some nice scenery of Gamcheon
Before we can hangout for a little bit longer, we were told to go down and leave this place because the restaurant is closing for the day. It was getting dark at that time so we decided to leave, heading to another destination - the 3D museum at Nampo-dong.

We headed to the same bus stop but go to the opposite of the road. This time, I got a seat in the mini-bus but it was a special seat next to the driver (he offered me to take the seat because the bus was so crowded and I need bend down to avoid knocking my head.
The driver talks very loud and earlier we thought he is very fierce...but never judge the book by its cover....he was just another nice person we met in Busan :)
Heading down the hill, to the station - Goodbye Gamcheon!

Next station- Jagalchi Station (to Nampo-dong)