Friday, September 4, 2009

Back for good

It has been some time I never write anything at all. I do not know is it the time that is not allowing me to do so, or other factors. What I know is that time flies, extremely fast.

I remember the last time I input something on my blog, it was back in Aug'09. Although there are term break for the students recently, I am not free at all. Got to prepare for the new semester and lots of paper works need to be done. Here I am now in Sep'09 and new semester kick-started.

Today is the end of week 2 for Aug'09 intake and next week will be the beginning for Foundation program. Meaning, I will be more and more busy. Having the opportunity to teach "Critical Thinking" for this semester, I feel it is worth it to be busy. Preparing for such a module is very challenging. A lot of the stuffs that I have to read and prepare, they are all very interesting. How good if we have this kind of module when we were in secondary school or even in college. I can only say, its an eye opening studies.

So, I can't imagine; I have to teach the students how to think. Believe it or not, the power of thinking is extremely powerful. If I would want to talk about the impact of thinking as what I have been reading so far, it will takes years to tell the stories and it can go as far as the galaxy.

Aha...20 minutes later, I will be at Bukit Bintang having dinner with Teoh and Liang - Happy Hour! That's All... :P