Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Orchestra at The Royal Albert Hall London

Yesterday, we had the chance to watch a show on Christmas Orchestra at the famous Royal Albert Hall, London. This is one of the most prestige concert hall in the City of Westminster, London, England. 
The Albert Hall is located at Kensington Gore, London.
We entered the hall using Door 3, and it was so crowded.
Inside the hall, it was like a big round circle walkway according the shape of the exterior building. It looks like a mini coliseum to me. On the wall, it is like the hall of fame, showing the photographs of all the previous concerts, shows, sports such as Eric Clapton unplugged, basketball, tennis, dancing and so many more.
There were a few bars serving food and beverages to the audiences. On the upper floor, these is a Mo√ęt Champagne Bar too.
We got into a room with 8 seats, through this little door (door 4).
A view on our right side neighbour ;)
This is how the stage look like. The musicians were not there yet. Can't show how they look like because taking pictures or recording was not allowed when the show starts.
The ceiling of the hall...beautiful!
Audiences were coming in fast and quickly filling up all the seats. A rough guess, the hall can easily fits few thousands of people.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Walk at Green Park, London

Green Park is a fantastic place to relax yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature even if you are in the middle of the city.
This magical moment was captured by Nokia Lumia 1020
The Green Park is next to Buckingham Palace. 
To go there, we took the Central underground line and stop at Holborn station to change to Westbound Picadilly line. We then got down from the Green Park station.
Every view in the park looks great, even the entrance to Ninja Turtle home...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dim Sum in London: Royal China Restaurant at Canary Riverside

On a rainy and windy day, best is to have hot food and hot tea like Dim Sum and A pot of hot Chinese tea...
The a Royal China restaurant is located near Canary Riverside.
A Malaysian works there and took our orders...
The price are quite reasonable too (if not converted into Malaysian Ringgit), especially in the Canary area.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wembley Stadium and London Designer Outlet

Wembley Stadium, a must go place to witness yourself the home for England football. This year is a special year because the England team is celebrating its 150 years anniversary. To get there, we took the Jubilee line Underground at Canary Whaft directly until Wembley Park station.
The moment we got out from the station, immediate you will see the main walkway towards Wembley Stadium, nobody will miss it!
A view at the front of Underground station
By the way, the signs are everywhere guiding us to the London Designers Outlets.
Let's Go!
Next Game is on the 5th January 2014: England Vs Denmark...
The London Designer Outlets are on the right hand side of the stadium. Again, follow the signs!
Side view, a digital screen showing the England Team 150 years anniversary, heading towards the London Designer Outlets.
Reaching The London Designer Outlets
Many brands here with outlet price: Nike, Adidas, M&S, Superdry, H&M and many more!!!
Food & Beverages
Some restaurants and cafes that you can take a rest before going to shopping madness again! Good place to recharge.
Favourite sandwiches from Pret A Manger
Xmas Edition take-away cup at Costa - Mocha!!!
Sunset at Wembley

Time to say 'Goodbye'

Managed to test out the Nokia Lumia 1020 low light pureview camera
The architecture reminds me of the Thundercats headquarter.
Heading back to Wembley Park Sstation
Thanks for the reminder on the way back...I think we will come back soon before leaving London :P
Bye Wembley!